My Favorite Bullet Journal Spreads this Month

Hello everyone! Can you believe that August is almost over? Where is this year going??? As I begin to prepare my journal for the next month, I thought I’d share with you some of the pages that I loved in August!


Cover Page




I did a two page cover page this month so that I could add this quote and it’s turned into one of my favorite pages! The stickers make it adorable, and I had been practicing my calligraphy and I’m very happy with the lettering on this page!




Habit Tracker


This is the first time I’ve done my habit tracker for a whole month on a single page. When I was in my sketch book, I only did it a week at a time, which was nice in one way because I could change things that I was tracking. But I really enjoyed seeing everything on a monthly time frame.



Level 10 Life



I have been using the Level 10 life for several months now, but updated it in August for my new journal. You can check out how I implement the Level 10 life into my bullet journal and personal growth here




Monthly Goals




I use the level 10 life goals that I have set up for myself to create monthly goals that I want to accomplish to get closer to my big goals. These are smaller things, or projects that I want to get done throughout the month, or habits that I want to work on. I have this at the beginning of my monthly spread.






Gratitude Log




This is one of my favorite spreads ever. I started doing a gratitude log in June, but I wasn’t consistent with it. I found a layout in July that I liked and ever since then, I’ve loved it! It forces me to reflect on the day, and even if I’ve had a crappy day, I still reflect on and write one good thing that happened.






Meal Planning




This spread changes a little each week, but meal planning in general is a staple in my bullet journal! It helps me know what I’m cooking that night so I don’t have to get home and think “what to cook for dinner?” It also helps with creating a grocery list because I know exactly what I need for the week. (and I spend less money!)




Over the weekend, I will be working on my September layout in my Bullet Journal. I will film a Plan with me video on YouTube and will post some pictures of my September spreads here next week!


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